Ballbuster girls chat

26-Mar-2018 21:31

On top of that, there are SO many stories out there (not sure which are true, but they're still amazing! I said if you come over and spend the night at my house I can get my step brother to come into my room and I will get him naked. If you knew were that spot is and poked it with one of your fingers as you were squeezing it, you would be causing a boy the most devastating pain to his balls a squeeze has ever...

I'm locked in full time chastity, and my best friend adores ball busting me. and relaxed knowing the fingers that she's pressing into my balls is causing me to suffer so bad that I can't do a thing to get her to stop poking her finger into my balls if I wanted to and she can make me suffer bad as long as she wants and she knows it.

Bring along all your lady and guy friends but do keep things respectful okay guys :) Link is right here: Parachute Ball Stretcher just arrived in the mail! MMmmmmm OK, just tried it :) Shaved my balls and put a few rubber bands around my sac to trap my balls, then put on the parachute. And I told her if she touched my balls I'd punch her in the face. and either he grabs your balls and starts squeezing them or you grab his and started squeezing?

One time I don't know why because we're strait but we were smoking dope and drinking naked and all of a sudden my friend grabbed my balls and starts squeezing and yanking on them. I work from home and my girlfriend has to go out for work.

Don't know how I got into ballbusting, but I'm really into it.

I've been fortunate enough to have had girlfriends who were very open to the idea and even got off on it.

I'm laying down and she's sitting on my stomach and I did something to mess with her and she taps my balls to warn me and I cocky say that doest hurt so...The man got in her face and she kinda backed down and finally said get out of my face or else.

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