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02-Sep-2017 16:37

This caused a sharp and continuing drop in the price.

Part of this increase in supply was from American shale oil, extracted through fracking, but mostly it was the result of the Saudis deliberately pumping large amounts of oil for political reasons.

Iran watched billions of dollars in anticipated oil revenues vanish, and the Shah was forced to abandon his plans for nuclear investment.

Manufacturing collapsed, inflation skyrocketed, unemployment rose steeply – and before long economic troubles had destroyed all support for the Iranian monarchy.

The Center for Advancement of Women-A nonprofit NGO in Karaj.

Communication Network of Women's NGOs in Iran-Facilitates the communication and networking among women's NGOs in Iran. Institute for Women`s Studies and Research IWSR-NGO aiminag at promoting the status of women Islamic Women's Organization Iran Zoroastrian Women Society Iranian Association of Women's Studies-Iran based organization. Topwomen-First National Congress of Successful Iranian Women. Women Association of History Researchers (Iran)-Estbalished in 1988, WAHR promotes research in the field of history.

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When there is an oil surplus, or a reduction in demand, the price will fall.As the only oil-producing country with sufficient reserves to regulate the market in this way, Saudi Arabia is considered the “swing producer”.Even though US shale production has reduced some of Saudi’s swing power, the oil kingdom has still the capacity to produce more than it does currently and is therefore still very much capable of crashing the market.Issues | Journals | Statistics | Health | Education | History | News | Features | Scholars | Rights Activists | Celebrities | Career Women | Fashion Designers | Fashion Models | Sports | Athletes | Politicians | Artists | Architects | Photographers | Film | Directors | Actors | Dancers | Musicians | Journalists | Novelist | Poets | Writers Foundations & NGOs (Iran) Center for Women and Family Affairs (Formerly The Center for Women's Participation)-Promotes women's participation in the society and sponsored by the Office of the President.

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Center for Women's Studies (University of Tehran)-CWS is an interdisciplinary gender research center.

America supported the policy as it wanted to undermine the influence of oil-dependent Russia, something it apparently considered more important than supporting its own fracking sector, while access to cheap imported oil is good news for US consumers and industry in general.

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