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Der Spieler erkundet als Pilot eines aufrüstbaren Raumschiffs eine zufallsgenerierte Galaxie - allein oder im Multiplayer - und hat die freie Wahl oder er Händler, Pirat, Söldner oder Erforscher wird.Elite: Dangerous wurde über Kickstarter per Crowdfunding finanziert.

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But this time, there is no back alley, no bins, no British Gas showroom.

Instead I park outside a glass and brick building in the landscaped, daffodil-laden campus of Cambridge’s science park.

This is the headquarters of Braben’s company, Frontier Developments, and inside the Young Turk-turned-gaming godfather commands a production team of 80: designers, animators, musicians (for that orchestral soundtrack) and the quality assurance bods, who are shut away in a room, endlessly playing segments of the game to identify bugs.

Players also had more autonomy – including moral autonomy – than ever before.

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They could either plod along trading in legitimate goods, or try drug and slave running for high-risk, high returns.function(t,e,o){function a(e,o)function r(t)function n(t,e)function p(t,e)function l(t,e)function h(t)function s(t,e)function f(t,e)function u(t,e)function d(t)function v(t)function c(t){if(t.uabpdl&&!