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The city was developed along the western bank of the Mississippi River and claimed first by the French but later lost to Spain.Missouri was part of Spanish Louisiana from 1762 until 1803, and acquired by the United States in the Louisiana Purchase. Louis County Courthouse was built as a combination federal and state courthouse in St. From 1864 to 1894, it was Missouri's tallest inhabitable building. The city concurrently hosted the World's Fair and the Summer Olympics, and became the first non-European city to host the Olympics. The oldest city on the Missouri River and the third oldest city in Missouri, St.The city is identified worldwide with the 630-foot tall Gateway Arch located in Downtown St. Today it is part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is used for historical exhibits and special events. Several permanent facilities and structures still remain in Forest Park, where the fair took place, such as the St. Charles was founded in 1769 as Les Petites Cotes (The Little Hills) by French-Canadian fur trader, Louis Blanchette.Primarily settled by French-speaking colonists from Canada, the Lewis and Clark expedition considered it the last “civilized” stop on their exploration of the western territory after the Louisiana Purchase. Charles served as the first Missouri capital from 1821 to 1826, while the new city and capital (Jefferson City) was being built.The building is preserved as the First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1969. Among other things, it has been used as a clubhouse, an auditorium, and as a financial institution, and it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.The oldest city west of the Mississippi River, and Missouri’s 4th oldest, New Madrid was founded between 1777 to 1778 by Spanish Governor Bernardo de Gálvez.Most of the maps deal with the settlement and development of Missouri, North America, the United States, and the Louisiana Purchase.

After being traded to France in 1800, France promptly sold it to the United States in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

Many smaller earthquakes have been recorded in the area since, and it has the potential to cause large earthquakes in the future.

The exact date is unknown but it is believed that Florissant was first settled in the mid 1700s, with the first civil government being formed in 1786.

Long before Missouri was even a state, it was settled by pioneers looking to start anew in the new world.

It was partially owned by the Spanish and then the French before the United States obtained it as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

On 12/25/1872, five years before any railroad arrived in San Antonio, The Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railway Company crossed the Red River and entered Texas, near modern day Denison, a town that was created by the railroad.

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